Sisältöön Sivun ylälaitaan Sivukartta Palaute Tulosta

Transport and Telecommunications

The SWOT analysis for transport and telecommunications shows the current strengthens and weaknesses in Lapland as well as the opportunities and threats until 2020.

  • Comprehensive road network
  • Mostly functional transport operation on the main roads
  • Feeder connections for national railway and air traffic

  • Expanding the railway network for the needs of mining and tourism
  • Opening the Northeast route to international transport
  • Building top-speed telecommunications connections safeguards habitation and business activities, including in sparsely populated areas

  • The railway network is limited to Southern and Western Lapland
  • Traffic congestion in the road network between Oulu and Kemi
  • Poor telecommunications connections in most of Lapland
  • Inadequate public transport connections, especially in the evening and at weekends

  • Lack of investments in the road network
  • Worsening road conditions on low-traffic roads
  • Inadequate availability of public transport in sparsely populated areas
  • A significant number of the residents and companies of Lapland will continue to lack efficient broadband connections