Sisältöön Sivun ylälaitaan Sivukartta Palaute Tulosta

Trades and Regional Economy

The SWOT analysis for trades and regional economy shows the current strengthens and weaknesses in Lapland as well as the opportunities and threats until 2020.


  • The natural resources facilitate and create new business
  • Mining and industrial activities support initiatives in new business opportunities
  • Diversity and vitality of tourism
  • Companies' turnover develops faster than the rest of the country


  • The operating environment offers fields and companies good development opportunities
  • Sustainable use of natural resources and the circular economy as a focus for industry
  • Clusters and strengthening networks support business operations
  • Increasing Northern mobility of companies and labour
  • Digitalisation and independence of location


  • Insufficient co-operation between fields and some conflicts
  • Insufficient preconditions for international expansion of companies
  • High and long-term unemployment
  • Accessibility is a bottleneck for development of industry and commerce
  • The municipalities in Lapland have weak finances


  • Prolonged recession in Finland
  • Failure to reconcile trades
  • Lapland-based companies are not internationally competitive
  • Increasingly difficult labour incidence issues