Sisältöön Sivun ylälaitaan Sivukartta Palaute Tulosta

The Environment, Natural Resources and Energy

The SWOT analysis for the environment, natural resources and energy shows the current strengthens and weaknesses in Lapland as well as the opportunities and threats until 2020.

  • Diverse, clean and beautiful nature, silence
  • Diverse natural resources
  • Energy independence and rich renewable energy resources
  • Clean food and clean water
  • Diverse network of tourism centres
  • Taking advantage of the safety and cleanness of the living environment, recreational use of national parks and other nature
  • Using renewable energy resources
  • Good future outlook for trades: mining operations, bioeconomy, energy industry and tourism grow stronger
  • Leveraging clean food and water


  • Inadequate information resources about the environment and inefficiency in their use
  • Attitudes connected to environmental issues
  • Lack of resources (for example, pressures to reduce monitoring of the state of the environment)


  • Conflicts of interest in land use
  • Unforeseen effects of climate change
  • Failure in using natural resources from a sustainability (ecological, economical, social) perspective
  • Unforeseen environmental hazards connected to industrial and commercial activities
  • Population decline in sparsely populated areas