Sisältöön Sivun ylälaitaan Sivukartta Palaute Tulosta

Starting points and objectives for the regional development of Lapland


In the Lapland Agreement that was completed in 2014, the vision for the regional development of Lapland until 2040 was specified as follows:

Lapland is an international, developing and inspiring centre for Arctic business, training and research and the best-known tourism destination in the Arctic region. Lapland is a good place to stay and live in.

Utilising Lapland's strengths in a sustainable manner presents a substantial challenge for the future. The goal is to keep Lapland inhabited and to make it a good place to live and run a business. Lapland is dependent on the region's ability to respond to the supply and demand of the Arctic region as well as the world in general.

In order to increase the region's competitiveness and well-being, three strategic choices were selected as the foundation of the regional development work :

*Competitiveness and work in an open, Arctic Lapland

Lapland is at the centre of the Arctic and also an Arctic area of expertise. Lapland also has one of the best infrastructures in the Arctic region. The focal points of Lapland's smart specialisation rely on Arctic conditions and international partnerships. Development efforts are boldly targeted towards bringing Lapland to the centre of the international Arctic. This means that Lapland's business life and its different sectors are targeted at Arctic and international activities. The north's highly refined industrial products, travel experiences and energy will retain their role as pioneers of development.

*Responding to structural change - Consider it done

In order to utilise the Arctic location and conditions, the availability of labour and the needs of the experts and businesses will need to match in a proactive, borderless manner. The high labour demands in the region will be met with innovative solutions by the employment and business services. Meeting the labour demands requires work-based immigration, and the immigrants' path to employment must be as functional and streamlined as possible.

*Connections are in order - Coming here and operating from here is easy
Lapland's Arctic location enables a new outlook for connections. In order to develop, the region must be able to utilise the available opportunities. Lapland will also develop the income sources of its economy outside of its borders, which means that geography and changing global logistics will be of even greater significance to the region's economy.