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Public Services

The SWOT analysis for public services shows the current strengthens and weaknesses in Lapland as well as the opportunities and threats until 2020.

  • Functioning provincial and regional co-operation
  • Mostly good availability and quality of basic services in municipalities
  • Electronic and telephone services facilitate the accessibility of public services
  • The regional safety situation and relatively stable legal protection


  • New operating models for producing local services
  • Increase in services produced by the organisational sector and private service providers
  • Using digitalisation in public services reform, for example in remote services
  • Using the safety of the living environment as a special attraction factor


  • Differences in service availability and quality between municipalities and sub-regions
  • Weaker availability and level of basic services outside population centres
  • The lack of functional telecommunications connections and the poor performance of the connections make it difficult to use electronic services.
  • Lack of workers with special skills due to retirement


  • Growing differences within the region and increasing inequality between municipal residents
  • Increased difficulties in municipal economy and organising services, decrease in basic services
  • Increasing number of socially excluded people
  • Decreased safety of sparsely populated areas with the changing administrative structures and decreasing resources
  • Reduced resources threaten the legal protection and regional equality of the population