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Contact information

Ms Pirita Jokikaarre

Project Manager
+358 40 689 1071 


Northern Cooperation of Foresight


The Proactive Northern Cooperation project develops foresight work in Lapland. During the project the cooperation with eastern and northern Finland and northern Norway and northern Sweden will be developed and strengthened. The project will also provide the necessary foresight information of the development of the northern region, and Lapland's opportunities to take advantage of these prospects. The knowledge and use of foresight information and the work of the industry clusters will be included more deeply to the regional development activities of Lapland. The outcomes of the project direct the development activities of Lapland in accordance with the long-term goals of the Lapland strategy, in addition, monitor the attainment of these objectives. Also new content of foresight will be produced to the Lapin luotsi -foresight website. As a result of this project, the Lappish foresight activities will be developed to the practical implementation of foresight and proactive future making of Lapland.

The key measures of the project are:

  • supporting the Lapland strategy and regional programme with proactive work (e.g. predictive reports)
  • developing the business clusters from the viewpoint of the Lapland strategy and regional programme; launching new clusters
  • the scenario process on outlooks for northern regions 2040
  • strengthening proactive cooperation in Eastern and Northern Finland, nationally and in Northern Sweden and Northern Norway
  • development of foresight expertise
  • development of foresight activities and expertise in foresight in a direction that serves decision-making more widely
  • arranging annual foresight seminars

The Northern Cooperation of Foresight -project is managed by the Regional Council of Lapland. The steering group of the project is the Regional Foresight Network. The project runs from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2018.

Project is implemented with support from European Social Fund (ESF) from Finland's structural fund programme "Programme for Sustainable Growth and Jobs 2014-2020". The ELY Centre of Northern Ostrobothnia is responsible for the financing.