Sisältöön Sivun ylälaitaan Sivukartta Palaute Tulosta


The SWOT analysis for internationality shows the current strengthens and weaknesses in Lapland as well as the opportunities and threats until 2020.

  • Interest in the Northern Arctic region and its resources
  • Long traditions for cross-border co-operation
  • Strong international export industry
  • The tourism trade strengthens the internationalisation of Lapland
  • Unique Sámi culture across borders


  • Good preconditions for cross-border internationalisation and networking of companies and operators
  • Increasing importance of the Arctic regions and knowledge of the Arctic conditions
  • Relaying the international expertise of higher education institutes to the development of the region and its companies


  • Deficiencies in transport accessibility
  • SMEs have insufficient competence and experience in international co-operation


  • Lacking availability of skilled labour with good language skills
  • Failure to take advantage of the opportunities of surrounding areas due to lack of competence
  • Delay of logistics solutions and lack of resources