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Building together a shared future for Lapland.

The people of Lapland anticipate the development and future outlook of skills, labour, business and the operating environment in close cooperation.



The foresight network includes a large number of regional authorities, education suppliers and representatives of business. 



Foresight work in Lapland is governed by the Regional Mangement Comittee, whose activity is focused on strategic and substantial decision-making.

The Regional Foresight Network is responsible for the practical implementation of proactive work. They design the annual plan and the measures to be carried out. They are also responsible for communicating the results for the regional foresight work through the Lapin luotsi -foresight website and other media. In addition, the network coordinates and develops the activities of industry clusters in Lapland.

The ten industry clusters operating in Lapland bring the view of business to the development of the region. The clusters discuss the current status of the field and outlooks for future development from viewpoints such as the need for labour and training. The clusters also discuss other current matters related to their field. 


Foresight Work in Lapland

Lapland is engaged in versatile, systematic foresight cooperation with education providers, businesses and local authorities. Foresight plays an important role in Finland, and duties related to it are laid down in the Act on Regional Development (1651/2009). Regional foresight co-ordination is a statutory responsibility of regional councils. In Lapland, this task is performed by the Regional Council of Lapland.

Close cooperation between different foresight actors is important in order to create a shared understanding of Lapland's future challenges, desired future and means to reach set targets. The focus of Lapland's foresight work lies on monitoring the operating environment, industry sectors, labour force and expertise, and on future prospects.

Foresight work in Lapland is guided by the operational model for foresight, which presents the different groups with their tasks and the processes and tools for foresight work. The results of the foresight work are collected on the Lapin luotsi website, whose content is produced by those involved in the differerent foresight processes in Lapland.





  Regional Management Committee
*responsible for strategic and substantial decision-making of regional foresight
*promotes proactive measures against region's structural changes

  Regional Foresight Network
*coordinates and analyses foresight information
*responsible for foresight communication
*steers and supports the work of industry clusters 
*participates in regional resiliency evaluation


Regional Group for Educational Planning  
*anticipates educational needs
*strenghtens the cooperation between education providers and regional authorities

   Industry Clusters
*bring the view of business to the development of the region
*produce information of current status and future outlook of industries
*form a view of development needs for labour and education


* Long-term assessment of different sectors and the need for education
* C&Q expertise charting

  Labour force

* ForeAmmatti - future prospects of different professions
*The occupation barometer


* Economic trends in Lapland
* Regional development prospects
*Prospects of different industries

  Operating Environment

* The Lapland strategy
*The Lapland regional plan
*Lapland's operating environment outlook