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Arctic Smartness
Regional Council of Lapland
S3 and cluster development:

Kristiina Jokelainen
Manager, International Cooperation
tel. +358 40 501 9856

Ilari Havukainen
Manager, Cluster Development
tel. +358 40 621 6116


Arctic Smartness


Arctic Smartness - The story of smart specialisation in Lapland

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Lapland's Arctic Specialisation Programme (S3) was developed 2012-2013 with wide engagement of regional actors and deep collaboration with the S3 platform. The vision of the programme is to obtain a leading position globally in smart and sustainable exploitation and commercialisation of the Arctic natural resources and conditions. The purpose of the programme is not only to make Lapland more attractive and knowledgeable partner in EU, but also to implement more efficient regional development creating economic growth in the area.

Smart specialisation is seen in Lapland as a very practical concept, bringing in new insights into regional development. Putting smart specialisation in to the practise has helped Lapland in finding new ways of working together and to develop common approaches towards regional development and to be active in seeking international collaboration.

The regional council initiated the model for regional governance to identify the Arctic truffles to lead the Arctic Smartness "step-by-step" regional development approach. Arctic Smartness is reaching towards the S3 vision by having focus on regional clusters and ecosystems that support the co-creation, development of new regional value chains and innovation activities of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).

Through the five chosen Arctic Smartness clusters Lapland is looking beyond the boundaries of traditional ways of doing things to get the best use of the regional expertise and strategic partnerships over the borders. All of the five clusters are implementing new local and European initiatives and projects creating a breeding ground for growth in the regional economy.

The 5 modern clusters are:

Arctic Industry and Circular Economy cluster
Arctic Smart Rural Community cluster
Arctic Design cluster
Arctic Safety cluster
Arctic Development Environments cluster

Learn more about the Arctic clusters through playing the game below.

Play the game, throw the dice - become regionally wise! 

1. Start the game in the middle of the board.
2. Throw the dice and move as shown by the score of the dice.
3. You gain tools for developing your business from each visit to a cluster.
4. If you land in a special circle, follow the instructions it gives.
5. The game ends when the developed player has contacted at least three clusters
and returned to the middle with an even number. 

Arctic Smartness 

Arctic Smartness with its five modern clusters, each awarded the European Cluster Management
Excellence label (BRONZE) by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis ( in 2016.

Arctic Design

Smart regional specialisation makes the world class design. The main purpose of the Arctic Design
Cluster is to make local businesses, products and services nationally and internationally competitive
by utilising smart specialisation.The heart of the cluster is Arctic Design Centre of Expertise created
by the Faculty of Art and Design of the University of Lapland. 

Arctic Development Environments 

Arctic Development Environments cluster is serving as a supporting network to all clusters with i.e.
enabling technologies to all industries and especially SMEs. The tool for measuring the performance
and effectiveness of innovations is Technology readiness level (TRL). TRL is used as a
meter to indicate the level of cluster's readiness to produce development services to the market. 

Arctic Industry and Circular Economy 

Arctic Industry and Circular Economy cluster aims to develop it's leading position in exploiting and
commercialising Arctic natural resources and conditions while maintaining balance of sustainable
development. Mix of industrial expertise and commitment to sustainable development are at the
core of refining natural resources in the Lapland region. We are reaching the vision by promoting
regional clusters and ecosystems of emerging industries that focus on refining natural resources
throughout the value chains. 

Arctic Safety

Safety through regional and interregional cooperation. The aim of the Arctic safety cluster is to
strengthen interregional networks and safety business opportunities. The cluster brings together
companies, authorities, research and educational organisations, NGOs, regions and towns. The
cooperation is carried out in civil and tourism safety. 













**The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)



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