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Arctic Smartness
Regional Council of Lapland
S3 and cluster development: Kristiina Jokelainen
tel. +358 40 501 9856

Ilari Havukainen
tel. +358 40 621 6116

Upcoming project:
Arctic Smartness Excellence

Arctic Smartness Exellence (ASE) -project carries out activities related to the Regional Smart Specialistation Strategy of Lapland. The Arctic Smart Specialisation Programme is by definition supporting growth and empowerment through entrepreneurship linkages that have been executed in two previous ERDF* projects led by the Regional Council of Lapland with core actors present also in this project.

This Arctic Smartness Exellence (ASE) -project will carry out actions that are concentrated on developing and supporting the consolidation and development of five modern Clusters with Entrepreneurial thinking driving them forward. The clusters are called Arctic Smartness Clusters and the five are called Arctic Design, Arctic Safety, Arctic Industry, Arctic Smart Rural network and Arctic Development Environments. The core actors in the clusters and also in this Project are University of Lapland (Project leader), Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Geological survey of Finland, Rovaniemi Regional Development Agency, Regional Council of Lapland, Digipolis Ltd and Natural Resources Institute Finland.

Work is divided between four integrated Work Packages. First WP is coordinating the Cluster development, second WP will be creating methods for R&D support for clusters and also creation of a new Lappish Innovation platform Center of Arctic Smartness Excellence, Third WP is devoted to Internationalisation actions, in particular aiding the clusters by creating funding and consortium building roadmaps and also acquiring expertise in preparing and submitting more successful application to EU funding instruments. The fourth WP is taking care of the overall management and communications and proactive evaluation of the project.

Main results of the project will be improved and more internationalised Cluster cooperation and impact, and also support clusters' ambitions toward internationalisation and tapping into Direct EU funding, Horizon 2020 in particular. The new Lappish Innovation platform - Center of Arctic Smartness Excellence will be created to support cluster's needs and also feed innovations and ideas and work as a booster for innovations using UE's TRL (technological readiness level) classification implementation, in particular in development, testing and service design laboratories and facilities.

*The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)