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Arctic Smartness

Arctic Industry and Circular Economy


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Arctic Industry and Circular Economy
Kemin Digipolis Oy

Programme Manager Kari Poikela



Lapland - the Arctic beacon of Europe


Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland and EU, aims at becoming the leading Arctic region in the sustainable utilisation of its vast natural resources. The balanced combination of the industrial expertise and commitment to the sustainable development are the core of the refining the natural resources in the region.

" The product's and processes of Lapland's industry are suitable to any demanding conditions. Arctic expertise is embedded to the products and services, and the businesses do not always recognise it as a competitive factor," says Programme Director Kari Poikela from the Kemi Digipolis.

In addition to deep specialist expertise, those operating in Lapland have good networks and they know each other. This facilitates the rapid advancement of matters when that is necessary.


Lapland is Europe's model region in the sustainable processing of natural resources


  Arctic Industry model area



It is time to raise the profile of Lapland's industry

The investment boom in the Arctic has been estimated at dozens, even hundreds of billions of euros. There is a need for Arctic expertise and specialisation.

"We need to set the goals high enough. When we market Lapland as a whole and as an important
part of the Cap of the North, we are an interesting and noteworthy partner on the international market
and in the competition for, for example, EU funding," Poikela continues.

In addition to Arcticness, the new wave of successful businesses from Lapland is defined by ecological innovation, the utilisation of industrial symbiosis and a sustainable way of operating. According to the
industrial strategy of Lapland, natural resources are processed with respect for nature and people and in
co-operation with other trades.

  Arctic Industry potential

Credibility from network co-operation

A reliable regional network of actors establishes credibility and effectiveness on the international market. Development work that aims at the sustainable growth of industry, mines and their service businesses has been conducted for a long time in Lapland.

However, there has been a desire to intensify the co-operation of the network of actors
further. The development team of the Arctic industry and circular economy cluster established in autumn
2015 strives for this in wide-ranging co-operation with the other clusters of Lapland. The Arctic industry and circular economy cluster assembles the industrial enterprises of the forest, metal and mining industries and their service actors into the same network which is supported by the development, research and funding organisations in the region. Co-operation helps businesses with, for example, product development, the identification of new business opportunities, internationalisation and the supervision of interests.


The cluster connects and strengthens ogranisations operating in the region 


Arctic Industry cluster


The Arctic industry and circular economy cluster's goal is to find new operating models,
partners and funding opportunities that will bring more success to the Arctic industry businesses
of Lapland. The growth of business life increases jobs and, consequently, prosperity throughout the region.


Programme Director Kari Poikela,