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  Annual Meeting on 18 August 2016


9:00 - 9:30 Registration and coffee  

9:30 - 10:30


Prof Antti Syväjärvi, Dean, University of Lapland, Faculty of Social Sciences (Rovaniemi, Finland)
Harri Ihalainen, Chief Information Officer, City of Rovaniemi (Rovaniemi, Finland) 


Pavel Trantina, President of the Section on Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship of the EESC (Brussels, Belgium)
Jukka Kopra, Committee for the Future (Finland)


10:30 - 11:50

Digitalisation and Changes in the World of Work

Dr Arja Kilpeläinen (Rovaniemi, Finland): Everyday Life of Ageing Rural Villages with Technology-enhanced Rural Social Work

Comments: Prof Patrizio Di Nicola, ISTAT (Rome, Italy): The Light and Dark of the Digital Labour Market: From Smart Working to the Uberisation of Work

Prof Renato Fontana, Vera D‘Antonio, Dr Martina Ferrucci and Carmine Piscopo, La Sapienza University (Rome, Italy): The Bearable Lightness of Sharing Economy: Digital Revolution of the Economy or Cultural Revolution of Relations?

Moderation: Dr Christa Larsen, IWAK/Centre of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt am Main, Germany): Introduction to the theme: Digital (R)Evolution and its Effects on Labour

11:50 - 12:05 Coffee break

12:05 - 13:00

Effects of Digitalisation on Different Target Groups of Labour Market Policies, Occupations andSectors

Vladimíra Drbalová, Vice-President of the Labour Market Observatory, European Economic and Social Committee (Brussels, Belgium): Effects of Digitalisation on Different Target Groupsof Labour Market policies, professions and branches

Pirita Jokikaarre, Regional Council of Lapland (Rovaniemi, Finland): The Effects of Digitalisation on Different Industries and the Region: The Case of Lapland

Pia Yliräisänen-Seppänen, VIRTU (virtual health care and social services) and Toni Kurvinen, Arctic Connect (Rovaniemi, Finland) 

Moderation: Prof Alfons Schmid, IWAK/Centre of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch and visiting ONNI - the welfare station on wheels
14:00 - 14:30 Group photo at the ONNI Welfare Station

14:30 - 15:30

Effects of Digitalisation on Skills

Dr Aline Valette-Wursthen, Céreq (Marseille, France): Digitalisation of Jobs and Continuous VET in France: Preliminary Results of a New Survey

Prof Aleksander Surdej and Dr Jan Brzozowski, Cracow University of Economics (Cracow, Poland): Digital Natives and Productivity: The Role of Universities in Providing ICT Skills to Increase the Productivity Potential

Dr Andrew Dean, the University of Exeter (Exeter, UK): The Innovation Exeter Data Analytics Skills Escalator: An Example of a Regional Strategy

Moderation: Dr Moreno Baruffini, ERI/University of Lugano (Lugano, Switzerland)

15:45 - 17:00

Groups and moderators

17:00 - 17:30

Moderation: Eugenia Atin, Prospektiker (Bilbao, Spain) and Dr Andreas Mångs, Arbetsförmedlingen (Sweden)

17:30 - 17:45

Insights from the EN RLMM Big Data Working Group

17:45 - 18:00

Invitation to the next EN RLMM Annual Meeting: Tirana, Albania 2017


From 19:30
Sponsored Conference dinner at Oppipoika Restaurant (Korkalonkatu 33) More about dinners and additional activities.